Slate Roofing Sydney

Leaking slate roof? Slipping slate tiles? Something’s wrong with your slate roof but not sure what it is? Looking for professional slate roofing service in Sydney?

Contact GM Roofing Repairs today for expert advice and reliable slate roofing repair in Sydney. Call 02 8484 2066 now. Our slate roof experts can detect and fix all kinds of slate roof repairs quickly and efficiently.

Slate Roof Issues

Slate Roofing SydneyIf the roof of your home is decades old, chances are high that there’s a leak you aren’t even aware of. If it’s an inside leak, you can detect it, but what if it’s an outside leak? Confused?

Well, what we’re talking about here is moved, cracked or broken slates around the lower edges of the roof. This is the part that hangs over the external walls. As an experienced slate roofing service in Sydney, we can detect such damages quickly.

Then there are those difficult to reach areas such as the roof overhangs. Your roof could be suffering around these places for years, and you may only find out years later. We will completely inspect your roof to find problems with your roof that are not visible normally.

Our Residential Slate Roof Repair Services

We take care of all kinds of slate roof repairs including:

  • Detecting slate roof problems
  • Detecting leaks
  • Repairing cracked, broken, damaged or slipping slates
  • Replacing rotten gutters, valleys and flashings
  • Re-mortaring terracotta ridging and hip capping
  • Skylights replacements or installations

Fix Your Roof Before the Damage Gets Big

We will fix all of these issues. Simply contact our residential slate roof repair experts for a free inspection and we will get your slate roof in shape in no time. Call GM Roofing Repairs on 02 8484 2066 now.