Slate Roof Repairs

Sydney has its fair share of original 19th century and 20th century period homes. Most of these homes adorn slate roofing tiles. Many of these roofs are still doing well and there are those that are showing signs of ageing.

Those slate roofs are just one storm away from revealing that you need to hire a slate roof repairs service to fix them.

Call the Trusted Slate Roofing Sydney Experts

Slate Roof RepairsIf you are looking for professional, experienced and certified slate roofing service in Sydney, the technicians at GM Roofing Repairs are available to assist you. Call us today at 0451 399 226.

Whether the slate roof on your home is Victorian, Queen Anne or English Gothic style, we have the experience and the expertise to fix all kinds of slate roofs. We are a trusted slate roof repairs service with years of experience.

We Do New Home Slate Roofing Installations

If you are looking for a new home slate roofing installation, we have you covered. We supply and install re-claimed slate all over Sydney. Whether you are looking for a French provincial style roof or Traditional Victorian style slate roof, we are up for it.

Whether you want open valleys or mitred valleys, we can get it exactly the way you like.

Our slate roof repairs crew is just a call away. So dial away now.

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Have a question about our slate roof repairs? Want to know more about slate roofing solutions? Would you like to take a look at some of our slate roofing work in Sydney?

We would be glad to assist you. Give us a call today to speak to us and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation to help you make an informed decision.

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