Roof Repairs Sydney

Does your slate roof require repairs ever so often? Looking for a reliable roof repairs company in Sydney?

If your slate roof gives you frequent problems such as slipping slates or leaks – soon after it is repaired – it might be time for a complete slate roof restoration.

If the slates on your roof are of good quality, you can simply consider a slate roof restoration. We will strip out and relay all the slates for lasting results. This will bring an end to constant slate roof repairs.

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Why Slates Slip

Roof Repairs SydneyThe slates on your roof slip and move when the nails that are used in fixing them have corroded. These nails are several years old, and it’s a natural course of occurrence.

The nails that protrude from the batten beneath slates are prone to rusting. Once this occurs, nothing can keep your slates in place. Roof restoration is the solution. Contact us for professional roof repairs in Sydney.

Slate Roof Restoration – How We Work

We will inspect your roof to assess the situation. If the slates are well past their functional life, or there are just too many broken and damaged slates, we will not recommend a slate roof restoration.

Once we determine that slate roof restoration is the right solution, here’s what we do:

  • We will strip out the slates one side at a time completely and stack them on the battens.
  • All broken, soft, defective or cracked slates will be discarded.
  • We will inspect the battens and replace defective battens.
  • We will then relay the slates using new slate nails.
  • We will replace the damaged slates using reclaimed slates while matching them to the originals.
  • We will install new gutters, valleys and flashings.
  • We will remove and dispose of all debris once the job is completed.

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