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New Slate RoofsOur New Slate Roofs services can differ broadly with respect to GM Roofing Repairs. Our high quality job may last for decades while a poorly installed or faulty one can result in leaks, mould, mildew and much more after only a couple of years.

To make certain you are obtaining the best, get quotes from a minimum of three roofing companies and compare what they’re offering. For precision, a dependable quote should contain several important components, including:

A Materials List from Roofers

Not every shingles are produced equal as well as materials for example slate can differ broadly on price and quality, so ensure that you have an itemized list of all of the items they normally use in the shingles themselves towards the type of nails they’ll install. Search for big brands, dimensions, weights along with other significant particulars to be able to fairly compare estimations.

New Slate Roofs decking materials, insulation along with other factors can substantially alter the cost of the estimate, so inquire if a person estimate uses materials which are substantially diverse from individuals others suggested. Also inquire about the manufacturers’ warranties around the items individuals with longer warranties will normally keep going longer.

You shouldn’t be afraid to inquire about our New Slate roofers to make a list of not just the types of materials themselves but the price of each component.

Instead of providing you with one figure for everything out there, they ought to bust out the items by having an individual cost.

If a lot of companies list your slate tiles at similar prices only one lists the price of exactly the same brand, style and size slate tile substantially greater, that contractor might be padding the cost they compensated for that materials. For our New Slate Roofs, Call us now at 02 8484 2066!